Welcome to LNR Reynolds

The L.N. Reynolds dairy department specializes in providing dairy companies, food processors and distributors with competitively priced dairy ingredients and solutions to volatile dairy markets.

An extremely volatile and complex dairy market makes it imperative for businesses to develop or utilize the expertise needed to be successful. L.N. Reynolds gives all companies both large and small the opportunity to access this expertise.

Twenty years of experience in sourcing Canadian, US and world dairy ingredients enables us to supply ingredients and provide solutions in the following three key areas:

  1. Special Milk Class Permit System ( SMCPS).

In order to remain competitive with imports, the Canadian Dairy Commission created the SMCPS to give further processors access to Canadian made dairy ingredients at reduced prices.

  1. Import for Re-export Program (IREP)

Companies exporting further processed products are eligible to import dairy ingredients needed to manufacture these products in Canada. Permit to import can be obtained from the Export and Import Controls Bureau, International Trade Canada.

  1. Wellington Aged Cheddar Cheese

High quality aged cheddar cheese produced by using traditional craftsmanship and time-honoured, natural aging process to create a wholesome aged cheddar under the L.N. Reynolds trade name Wellington .

Knowledge in all three areas is unique in the business and allows us to provide unique  solutions to your needs.